Plant list  

Alpinia zerumbet Variegata     variegated shell ginger

200mm Erect, variegated 3m high clumping foliage. Likes sun or shade and often used in mass landscape plantings or to create a medium screen.

Alpinia nutans     aka A. mutica Dwarf Cardamon


White shell like flowers with a yellow heart.  Lush green foliage with a strong cardamon scent, but this is not the true cardamon spice.

Alpinia caerulea

Native Ginger, red form

200mm A decorative plant, which makes an attractive container plant for patios.  Suitable for shrubberies or a screens. Prefers moist shade or part sun.  Alpinia-Red-Back-25022013.jpg (125985 bytes)
Beaucarnea recurvata


200mm An unusual plant with a crown of pendulous strap like leaves above a central stem with an unusual swelling at the base.  A good container plant for warm courtyards.  In tropical/sub-tropical areas it can grow into a tree with a base swelling to 2.5m diameter Ponytail-19092012.jpg (177692 bytes)
Cordyline fruticosa & assorted varieties:-  Schubertii, Pink Diamond, Alba rose  Angusta, John Cummins, Kennedy, Kiwi, Negra and others 200mm


These exotic plants have a spectacular range of colours and leaf shapes that will brighten any landscape.  A wide range of colours and leaf shapes grown but the cultivars available changes frequently

Cordyline 'Cointreau'_small.jpg (4404 bytes)

Cordyline 'Roosters Taila'_small.jpg (5774 bytes)
Calathea assorted species 200mm


Calathea foliage is produced from tuberous and rhizomatous growth allowing the plant to spread yet  restricts the height of the plant to less than 1.5m. This plant likes a dark canopy to grow under and will tolerate temperate conditions. Calathea zebrina and C. warscewiczii have light, striped colours radiating from the leaf mid-vein.         Calathea zebrina 'Humilior'.jpg (591117 bytes)
Ctenanthe assorted species 200mm


Foliage plant grown from rhizomes to about 1.5m tall. Understorey plant, clumping upright growth with bluey / grey stripes and markings in between leaf veins. Likes warm moist conditions. Ct. compressa Lushnathiana, Ct. setosa, Ct. setosa  Grey Star
Dichorisandra thyrsiflora           Blue Ginger 200mm A soft stemmed perennial with glossy green leaves.

Grows best in a sheltered spot protected from direct sun & frost.Spikes of deep purple cup shaped flowers are produced in autumn

Blue-Ginger-25022013.jpg (130611 bytes)
Heliconia augusta Red Christmas 200mm A beautiful evergreen perennial with attractive bright red bracts surrounding white flowers from June to September.  Grows to 1.8m 02052013_0107.JPG (6128862 bytes)
Heliconia stricta         Red Jamaica 200mm An evergreen clump forming perennial.  Grown for its striking orange-red flower bracts which develop at the end of long stems. Grows well in full sun or part shade outside or well lit indoors Red-Jamaica-11032013.jpg (131230 bytes)
Philadendron congo 

also available Gold

200mm Quick growing with large thick glossy dark green leaves.  Ideal for high & low light indoors.  For warmer areas, can be planted in pots or garden.  Filtered light. Phil-Congo-8042013.jpg (144267 bytes)
Philodendron Winterbourn Xanadu 200mm

This outstanding hybrid Philodendron has lush green foliage with pink midrib beneath. Grows to 1m.                                                           

Phil-Xanadu-21012013.jpg (459802 bytes)
Strelitzia reginae

Bird of paradise


Hardy landscape plant with interesting ‘bird - like’ flowers of orange and blue to1.5m. Likes full sun or part shade, popularly planted in clumps for effect and flowers throughout summer.

Ravenala madagascariensis

Traveller palm

250mm This hardy plant is predominantly used indoors and in the  landscape for its interesting banana like leaves Traveller-6052013.jpg (38327 bytes)
Asplenium australasicum

Birdsnest fern


Glossy strapped leaves radiating from centre. Likes dark understorey conditions and grows amongst leaf litter and humus.  Will also grow in full sun.  Ideal for ornate pots with good drainage.

Bird-8042013.jpg (123543 bytes)
Blechnum spp 200mm B. gibbum Silver Lady Vigorous hardy fern with strong rewarding fronds.  Responds well to water and fertiliser and can handle  shady positions and cooler climates. Grows to 1m Blechnum-SL-25022013.jpg (154800 bytes)
M. diversifolium Kangaroo Fern 200mm


  A low growing creeping fern grown from rhizomes.  Attractive dark green divided leaves hardy with few pests Kangaroo-2012013.jpg (151031 bytes)
Archontophoenix cunninghamiana

Bangalow or Piccabeen Palm



Solitary palms with attractive ringed trunks and elegant drooping foliage. Tall growing to 20m, hardy in mild   climates (Sydney) to the tropics. 

Bangalow-11032013.jpg (141180 bytes)
Ravenea rivularis

Majestic Palm




Suitably named palm grows to 20m with a large crown supporting 20-30 fronds. Self cleaning palm with attractive  swollen trunk, hardy by nature makes this a rewarding palm  for all areas.

Chamaedorea atrovirens               aka C. cataractum

Cascade palm



Rich glossy fronds define this low growing (2m max)  clumping palm. Looks best in shade but will grow happily in full sun, this is a palm that is easy to grow and maintain.

Cascade 11032013.jpg (133711 bytes)
Dypsis lutescens     Golden Cane 200mm


A decorative and clustering palm with yellow stems and green arching fronds. Grows with up to 12 golden trunks but no main trunk.  Suitable in garden, around pools, patios, tubs or indoor.   G-Cane-Sun-25022013.jpg (154956 bytes)
Livistona australis

cabbage palm


Also called the Cabbage Palm, this hardy native makes a  strong impact as a specimen (20m). Fronds are divided with  an elegant drooping nature and will grow happily in  conditions along eastern Australia.

Liv-aust-300-14012013.jpg (318555 bytes)
Livistona chinensis

Chinese fan



Large, palmate weeping foliage that will look striking in any landscape. Very hardy specimen to 10m  with few pests and diseases Ch-fan-8042013.jpg (152900 bytes)
Phoenix roebelenii

Dwarf Date Palm



Low growing palm to 3m with very fine ornate foliage. Hardy by nature, the commonly called Dwarf Date Palm is easy to trim, which can then reveal its attractive trunk Robe-300mm-101212.jpg (221310 bytes)
Phoenix canariensis

Canary Island Date


Popular in streets and exotic landscapes, this palm is a large imposing specimen. Often trimmed to highlight an  attractive trunk and is used as a dominant specimen palm in        Mediterranean style landscapes.

Canariensis-6052013.jpg (139826 bytes)
Trachycarpus fortunei

Chinese Windmill Palm


Slow growing palm to 10m that is desirable for its erect  architectural foliage and smooth petiole. Trunk has a brown fibrous appearance quite distinct from other palms.

Trachy-30072012.jpg (111969 bytes)
Washingtonia robusta

Cotton Palm



Commonly called the Cotton Palm for its shedding fibres at its leaf tips. A large palm to 15m tall that makes a stately  specimen. Older fronds hang onto the orange brown trunk  which skirts the emerging green foliage on top.