Palm Park Wholesale Nursery produces a range of palms and foliage plants in containers for sale to retail Garden Centres and Plant Wholesalers in Eastern Australia.  
  Our primary purpose in business is to develop and operate a profitable nursery facility capable of long term, efficient, plant production; delivering a product to suit our customers needs for quality and quantity within the restraints of legislation & with minimal impact on our environment.
Product lines have been focused on Cordylines, Crotons, Calatheas & Ctenanthes, Ferns with palms and a few related lines.  Our product mix is changing as a result of constantly seeking new products for indoor and landscape use.  
  In order to meet our customers expectations of quality, we have adopted a strong  commitment to quality management practices. A Quality Management System is used in addition to certification by the Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme, Australia.  Quality Management and Nursery Accreditation both require a high level of commitment and skill from management & staff.  Our methods and practices are under regular review and constant feedback from our customers is needed to assist our process of continual improvement.  Our goal is World's Best Practice and each year we will get better at everything we do. 
We do not have a minimum order quantity, but freight rates will usually influence the size of orders.  To reduce transit damage we do encourage orders in pallet or cage quantities.  

Palm Park is operated by the Hall Family Trust:-                                                        
                            Ian Hall -Production, plant & business management  

                            Darryl Hall   -Sales & Accounts